The long road to freedom and democracy

Egypt’s Tahrir Square a few weekends ago was not full of scenes of jubilation, but rather those of screams, tears, blood and violent clashes between demonstrators and police. More than 1,800 young Egyptians were injured and the violence claimed 42 people across the country according to Egyptian officials. Peaceful demonstrations demanding secure and [...]

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Before we forget!

“But we don’t hear anything about your country anymore. We thought everything's alright and that your demands were met once Mubarak was gone. The situation has gone back to normal. Right,” asked the German tour guide after he discovered I’m Egyptian while he was giving us a night tour in the city of [...]

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Paying the price for our tyrants

“He should have seen it coming” was a comment I heard from a news anchor about Libyan president tyrant Mommar Gaddafi  after the U.N. voted Thursday, March 18 to approve the resolution “to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack” - that is from an attack by their own president. [...]

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On becoming politically literate

Choices have consequences. It’s a natural law that can’t be argued, but all too often someone is not willing to take responsibility for his or her choices. The previous Egyptian government dominated the decision making process. Whether the decisions they reached were right or wrong, it was we the citizens who suffered their [...]

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My Father was the President of Egypt

In the run up to the toppling of the then president Mohamed Hosny Mubarak, his parasitic group in power did their utmost to keep him in place. Government-controlled media took up mass propaganda by fabricating stories and advocating the ex-president’s merits. The loyalists were using a message they thought would make most people [...]

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