The World Cup legacy

The world's most spectacular football bonanza; the World Cup, has finally come to an end. Looking back at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, it will be remembered by many with nostalgia. Both on and off the pitch, the tournament was never short of drama.  There were lots of surprises on the [...]

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May the best team win

So the Deutschland dream is over. Buried in a wave of tiki-taka. Yeah, Spain was much superior to Germany and totally deserved their win, but how boring is it to watch them play? Pass, pass, pass. Then pass, pass, pass again. And again, for 73 minutes until they broke German hearts with a [...]

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Tentacle of doom predicts Albiceleste defeat

So-called experts are notorious for getting it wrong. As soon as they open their mouths, a curse is cast on whoever has the misfortune to be spoken about. "Ronaldo's in great form. He'll bring Portugal far." Cue Portugal's exit. "Franck Ribéry will take the competition by storm." Cue France's ignominious exit. "Wayne Rooney [...]