German Landmarks: The Mainz Cathedral

Mainzer Dom. Photo (c) Click Clack Gorilla With moving on the horizon, I've suddenly found myself drawn to many of Mainz's landmarks.  Some I've revisited one last time, while others I've rushed to for the first time, unwilling to leave without having at least briefly seen most of what the city has to [...]

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Rediscovering Berlin

I am now writing my thesis, and what better way to proceed than taking a break in between? It was a coincidence that we traveled from the capital of then West Germany (Bonn) to Berlin which is now the capital of unified Germany. My first time in Berlin last March was marked by [...]

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Taking in the sights of Hamburg

There are many great things about living in Hamburg, and one of them has got to be the harbour. Another is that people never tire of coming to visit me. Having said that, when they come, it’s really the harbour they want to see, not just me. That’s no surprise, since this famous stretch of [...]

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Berlin there, done that

A tug of shame bugs me in conversations concerning Berlin. Who wouldn’t be embarrassed if you had been in Germany for almost two years but had never set foot in the capital. But now, this is true no more. Thanks to my friends Omar and Billy who sought my generous umzug service. After ten of [...]

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