Living in Germany: Pregnancy, Birth, Rückbildungsgymnastik

Sarah of workingberlinmum is an expat mother of two living in Berlin, and she's been sharing her life (as well as tips and tricks for other parents in Germany's capital) on her blog for years.  Now she has launched a new resource for parents in Berlin: Berlin For All the Family.  Head over and say [...]

The Expecting Expat: Midwives and Home Births in Germany

An American expat in Germany figuring out parenthood and childbirth for the first time.  Come along for the ride... Midwives in Germany—home birth plans or not—come to your home for your appointments. I had read about the concept when doing research for a set of Young Germany articles about parenting in Germany, but [...]

The Expecting Expat: Pregnancy in Germany

At the beginning of September I celebrated my 6-year anniversary in Germany.  Though it made me briefly nostalgic, more than ever it's the future that I have on my mind: in February I'll be having a baby.  In Germany.  An American-German baby.  A baby who will probably be able to speak better German [...]