Christmas Markets in Erlangen

by Alie of The Erlangen Expat and Starting Over in Stuttgart Photo: public domain, photographer martin spiske One thing Germany does well is Christmas. - It’s not so much about the presents but the presence of family and friends - It’s not so much shop ’til you drop but maintaining an appropriately warming [...]

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Studying in Germany 101

by Sebastian Cuevas It’s been almost six years since I moved to Germany from Portland, Oregon, for a semester abroad. Little did I know back then that I would end up getting both my Bachelor’s and my Master’s at the University of Heidelberg, Germany’s oldest. I mean, I did want to try and stay, but [...]

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The Role of German Art

Today Guarav Kedia will be taking over the Young Germany blog to tell you a little bit about his experiences here. He initially came to Germany to do a short intership–or so he thought.  But after working at the University of Stuttgart, he decided to stay and began a MSc degree program. Read more about [...]

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Expat Life: How Germany Has Changed Me

by Alie of The Erlangen Expat and Starting Over in Stuttgart Photo (cc) flickr user Shelley and Dave Living for the holidays is something common to I and most of my friends back in the UK. Working very hard is commonplace, and after family, taking care of yourself, renovating your home, seeing your [...]

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