Happy German Beer Day

by California Globetrotter Photo copyright dpa/picture alliance All fanatics need a national “holiday” dedicated to the thing they love most. For me, I love BEER. Good beer. Light Beer. Dark Beer. Filtered Beer. Unfiltered Beer. German beer. American beer. English beer. You name it, I love it! Therefore, I wasn’t in the least [...]

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Expat Life: Valentine’s Day in Germany

by California Globetrotter Photo copyright CHROMORANGE / Barbara Neveu, dpa Today is the eve of Valentine’s Day and I have yet to see any Valentine’s Day hearts and kisses, flowers of red, white and pink in the windows of shops and restaurants. Why is that you might ask? Well there is a reasonable [...]

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Life in Germany: Valentine’s Day on the Top of the World

by California Globetrotter Photo courtesy California Globetrotter Last Valentine’s Day, Hans and I spontaneously at the last minute decided to take a day trip instead of stressing over the pressure of buying the right gift or surprise. We decided to get up super-doooper early (ugh!) and take the train to Zugspitze – Germany’s tallest mountain! We [...]

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Surviving Winter in Germany

by Alie of The Erlangen Expat and Starting Over in Stuttgart Photo: Public Domain, CARL STEINBEIßER I’m British, this might explain my natural acceptance of winter. It’s just a season, one of four and it’s something that is going to happen whether you want it to or not. Every year it comes and goes, [...]

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Christmas Markets in Erlangen

by Alie of The Erlangen Expat and Starting Over in Stuttgart Photo: public domain, photographer martin spiske One thing Germany does well is Christmas. - It’s not so much about the presents but the presence of family and friends - It’s not so much shop ’til you drop but maintaining an appropriately warming [...]

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What to Wear at a German Christmas Market

by Alie of The Erlangen Expat and Starting Over in Stuttgart Photo public domain Photographer: Martin Spiske Now I’m no fashionista but I wish that someone had prepared me for a how cold it could get and how crowded the markets might be. I struggled with getting a balance between warm enough and not unattractively [...]

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Can You Study in English in Germany?

Photo (cc) raumrot Yes, but... In my time advising students who are interested in coming to Germany to study, I’ve spoken to (well) over one thousand students from every state and several countries. I’ve fielded all kind of questions, but the second most common question students and parents ask me (after “How much [...]

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