Nine Awesome German Idioms

by California Globetrotter Photo copyright Wolfram Steinberg, dpa 1. Luck in Love For those of you who are hard-core board/card gamers, maybe it’s best if you lose every now and then. As the Germans say, “Glück im Spiel, pech in der Liebe” which translates to “Luck in the game, unlucky in love.” I’d [...]

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My 10 Favorite German Words

by Wandering Kim German as a foreign language dictionary. Photo copyright dpa I recently returned to Germany for the first time since moving and it felt as if I never left. I was speaking German, indulging myself in good food, and surrounded by familiar brands and sights. Even though I haven’t missed speaking [...]

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Wordless Wednesday: Hamburger Dom

Hamburger Dom is the largest public festival in northern Germany. It takes place three times each year. Photo copyright dpa

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The Awful German Language: An Expat Bloggers Blog Hop

If there were an award for "person who hates the German language the loudest," Mark Twain would have won it.  No one has satirized the German language quite as hilariously before or since.  As he says: "There are ten parts of speech, and they are all troublesome. An average sentence, in a German newspaper, is [...]

The Week in Germany: Moving to Germany

Photo coypright dpa / picture alliance Defining home Expat blogger Liv Hambretty contemplates a recent move and the meaning of home: "Comparing Weiden to Kiel, where we have just spent 6 months and comparing both of them to Münster, my first home here and indeed Sydney, my ‘home home’, has given me the [...]

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Wordless Wednesday: German Wine Country

Though most people tend to think of beer when they think of Germany, the country is quite famous for its wines as well.  Right now the harvest is on, and in Rheinland-Pfalz you can get a glass of the new wine known as "Federweisser" at stands around most towns.  It is the perfect time for [...]

Expat Life: Am I Funny in Germany?

Wow, Germans really let you know if a product isn't good quality! I giggled for a good couple of minutes in the shop about this. Not only did the the "Bad" which in German means "Bath" label amuse me, but the fact that all the sponges were exactly the same anyway. Endless sources of [...]

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