11 Blogs that Will Help You Learn German

by Sadie Douse Photo Gratisography Have you ever thought about learning a new language but dropped the idea as soon as you thought about the resources? German is one of those languages that people love to learn, but many beginners have no clue as to where and how to start. Learning German can [...]

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Nine Awesome German Idioms

by California Globetrotter Photo copyright Wolfram Steinberg, dpa 1. Luck in Love For those of you who are hard-core board/card gamers, maybe it’s best if you lose every now and then. As the Germans say, “Glück im Spiel, pech in der Liebe” which translates to “Luck in the game, unlucky in love.” I’d [...]

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The Germans Have a Word for It

by Alie of The Erlangen Expat and Starting Over in Stuttgart Copyright dpa A lot of articles point at German for being a complicated language full of compound words (you know the ones that hurt your head), but it’s also filled with words that describe a whole situation in one word. These are [...]

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The Week in Germany: Morrissey, German, Sexy Berlin, & Sexy Bremen

Photo from Gratisography Morrissey came to Germany. And then he had to run away because fans were storming the stage at his concert in Essen. That crazy German language. "A great example of a simple little word in German is Reißverschlussverfahren. OK, maybe not simple or little but a typical word nonetheless. It [...]

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Reading in German: A Blog Hop and a Read Along

Photo copyright dpa So guys.  This week in Frankfurt books are taking over the city.  Book Fair Week.  It's my absolute favorite.  To celebrate, this month's blog hop is all about books and reading (or trying to) in German and in Germany.  There are several ways to join in, so gather 'round and [...]

The Awful German Language: An Expat Bloggers Blog Hop

If there were an award for "person who hates the German language the loudest," Mark Twain would have won it.  No one has satirized the German language quite as hilariously before or since.  As he says: "There are ten parts of speech, and they are all troublesome. An average sentence, in a German newspaper, is [...]