Top Six Tips for German Soccer Viewing: What I Learned in Dortmund

It happened. I feel just a bit more German now. I definitely feel different. Yes, I went to my first true German outdoor soccer viewing party. On Saturday night two of Germany’s best teams, Borussia Dormund and Bayern Munich, played for Germany’s national cup and well….Dortmund pretty much kicked Bayern’s butt (5-2). And [...]

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The good reasons to choose Dortmund and Manuel Neuer

So Borussia Dortmund is now the Bundesliga champion 2010-2011. Despite there being another two match days this season, BVB’s 2:0 win against Nuremberg on the weekend put them beyond the reach of their closest rivals, Leverkusen, who lost 0:2 to Cologne. Even if the Leverkusen boys had won, though, their chances of claiming this title [...]

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The Bundesliga is like a box of chocolates…

Professional footballers have a lot in common with children – well, at least the FC Bayern boys do in any case. On the one hand, they’re unpredictable, moody, and have real difficulty concentrating on one thing for 90 minutes, as shown by their poor 1:1 performance against a much weaker Nuremberg side last week. Then [...]

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War is too important to be left to the generals

The 29th match day of this Bundesliga season was a day of big-name duels. There was Frankfurt-Bremen, Stuttgart-Kaiserslautern and Mönchengladbach-Cologne, all of which were fights between relegation candidates – the latter, of course, was also something of a local Rhineland derby. There was the Bavarian derby duel, too, with Munich up against Nuremberg. Attention was [...]

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All eyes on Christoph Daum

Christoph Daum’s return to Bundesliga football has grabbed the headlines and suddenly, the full heat of the media microscope is bearing down on him and his new employers, Eintracht Frankfurt. So how will this famous motor-mouth do? He is known across Germany as a talented coach, beginning his meteoric career in Cologne, then progressing onto [...]

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