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Art X-Berg

The other day I was strolling through the streets of my neighbourhood, when I made an exceptional discovery. On the other side of the street I saw a colorful chaos that usually would be used as a store. It raised my eyebrows though because it did not seem to be selling anything. As I came closer, I could decipher the name of this place: “Art X-Berg – The Smallest Movie Theater in the Universe.“ Someone had transformed a store into a cinema/museum dedicated to film. The decorated window front was covered with newspaper articles, large colorful drawings by children, and pictures of famous movie stars.

Looking into the window I got dizzy: This was the imaginatorium of a serious collector; he had everything that would delight any movie fan, all jammed together in one place. Of course I wanted to go inside and see what else belonged in his collection. But I was put to a halt by a red-and-white barrier with a note hanging from it that read “I’m out at the moment, call me.“

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