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Clémence is our YG Reporter!


A Warm Welcome to Clémence!

She spent already a year in Berlin: “There is so much to discover, not only because the surface area of the capital is big but because this city is truly endless. Atmospheres change as neighborhoods evolve, possibilities are widen as initiatives are undertaken.
My name is Clémence, I’m 22, French, but deep inside, ich bin ein Berliner.”

Why You Should Become a YG Reporter

  • You are between 18 to 25 years old.
  • You are interested in Germany and would like to experience Berlin.
  • You are willing to take part in our Check in to Berlin (#citberlin) Challenge and win a trip to the large forum “Menschen Bewegen” (Moving People). And along with the Young Germany Crew you will then create the coverage of the event.
  • You would like to meet from 13-15 April 2016 young German-learners from all over the world and develop cool projects.
  • You have at least an average knowledge of the German language.

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From 13-15 April, 2016 young people from all over the world will meet in Berlin at the large forum “Menschen Bewegen” (Moving People) and develop cool projects.


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