A British-Brazilian Expat in Berlin

Fernando is a British-Brazilian expatriate living in Berlin, Germany and working for iversity, whose work we've featured on Young Germany here.  In today's guest post he's here to tell us a little about his experiences in Germany and working for iversity.  Welcome Fernando! When I first heard about iversity, I had been in [...]

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Teaching English in Germany: My Favorite Mistakes

Once upon a time when I was an English teacher in Frankfurt I had a lot of German students intent on mastering small talk. So we would practice talking about nothing. "How's the weather been lately?" I would ask them in a role play. They would respond, and ask me about my family. [...]

That is Herr Melican to you

As I’m writing, it’s visibly holiday-time in Germany. The road past my house is being pounded by cars laden with luggage, bicycles, and screaming children, followed by camper vans in convoy and, every now and then, one of those really cool mobile beer-vending doo-hickeys (Bierausschankwagen) that set up near parks, lakes, museums... well, [...]

Leipzig by Night

After four successful days of the latest in literature, comics, and audio productions, the Leipzig Book Fair opened its doors one last time on Sunday. With the most visitors to date, the organizers of the book fair can look back on a delightful event. Europe’s largest literary festival “Leipzig Liest” (“Leipzig reads”) took [...]

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Comics at the Book Fair

The first day of the Leipzig Book Fair came to an end with an anticipated award ceremony, honoring authors in three categories with a prize endowed in total with € 45,000. Amongst the nominees was 18 year-old Helene Hegemann with her highly debatted debut novel, that first caused an outcry of astonishment, which [...]

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Live from the Leipzig Book Fair

This morning at 9 AM the annual Leipzig Book Fair successfully kicked off four days dedicated solely to literature, new book arrivals, and other book-related events. More than 2000 publishers from 39 countries are here in Leipzig to present not only their newest publications, but also to take a look at the journey a book [...]

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The Messe: A German Cult

Sometimes, you could get the impression that Germany is just one big, sloppy mess. Well, that’s what you might think if don’t know much German. Even if you’re just past beginner stage, though, you could start to wonder if Germany is as modern and secular as it first appears: every city seems to [...]