Lego Ergo Sum

Photo copyright dpa C.S Lewis was a man after my own heart, he once said you can't get a cup of tea large enough, or a book long enough to suit me. Tea, reading and writing are up there with German (and now Polish) as the loves of my life. This week is [...]

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Photo copyright dpa The Germans succeed every time in capturing, in one word, each and every airy-fairy emotion I've ever experienced and been unable to describe in less than three full sentences. This time it's Schwellenangst, meaning a fear of crossing thresholds, if we were to take it at face value. On a [...]

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Life After Erasmus: Coming Off the Rollercoaster

Leaving an Erasmus year can feel a bit like getting off of a roller coaster. Photo copyright dpa Some call it Post-Erasmus-Depression, I wouldn't go quite so far. Post-Rollercoaster-Syndrome perhaps? You know the feeling, you've just been on a rollercoaster, adrenaline is pumping through your veins, and you're not quite ready to get [...]

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Erasmus in Numbers

Cologne Cathedral. Photo copyright dpa I'm a language nerd, I don't do numbers, but for one of my final posts, I decided a numbers theme would help me summarize and save you guys the pain of yet another 1,000+ word essay. I spent 316 days "on Erasmus".  Of those 316 days... I laughed [...]

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Studying in Hamburg

Excerpted from a speech YG blogger Andrew gave at an official reception for international students in Hamburg this January. You can read it in full on Andrew's blog Freetaste. I am a student from another country, the Philippines to be more precise, and now living in Hamburg.  And like some of you, I [...]

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Like a fish out of water in evening class

If there’s one stereotype about Germans that is very stubborn abroad, it’s that they are sticklers for paperwork; and like all stereotypes, it is not without at least a small grain of truth. After all, Germany is the land of Bescheide, Bescheinigungen, and Belege, a country where you won’t get very far without [...]

On German museums and climate capsules

If there’s one thing Germany is good at apart from beer (and there are a few things), it’s museums. They might not be free like in the UK, but they are often of exceptional quality. After all, Germans take education, or Bildung as it is reverently referred to, very seriously, and museum visits [...]