Lego Ergo Sum

Photo copyright dpa C.S Lewis was a man after my own heart, he once said you can't get a cup of tea large enough, or a book long enough to suit me. Tea, reading and writing are up there with German (and now Polish) as the loves of my life. This week is [...]

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Photo copyright dpa The Germans succeed every time in capturing, in one word, each and every airy-fairy emotion I've ever experienced and been unable to describe in less than three full sentences. This time it's Schwellenangst, meaning a fear of crossing thresholds, if we were to take it at face value. On a [...]

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Life After Erasmus: Coming Off the Rollercoaster

Leaving an Erasmus year can feel a bit like getting off of a roller coaster. Photo copyright dpa Some call it Post-Erasmus-Depression, I wouldn't go quite so far. Post-Rollercoaster-Syndrome perhaps? You know the feeling, you've just been on a rollercoaster, adrenaline is pumping through your veins, and you're not quite ready to get [...]

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Erasmus in Numbers

Cologne Cathedral. Photo copyright dpa I'm a language nerd, I don't do numbers, but for one of my final posts, I decided a numbers theme would help me summarize and save you guys the pain of yet another 1,000+ word essay. I spent 316 days "on Erasmus".  Of those 316 days... I laughed [...]

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Studying in Hamburg

Excerpted from a speech YG blogger Andrew gave at an official reception for international students in Hamburg this January. You can read it in full on Andrew's blog Freetaste. I am a student from another country, the Philippines to be more precise, and now living in Hamburg.  And like some of you, I [...]

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Sprachschule and the B1 exams

To complete the B1 level (the halfway point in the language levels), we had a party with a veritable international food buffet from everyone’s contributions. While I’m happy to finally be wrapping up my intensive classes, and I’ve struggled with them from time to time, I felt a bit sad yesterday. We all [...]

Like a fish out of water in evening class

If there’s one stereotype about Germans that is very stubborn abroad, it’s that they are sticklers for paperwork; and like all stereotypes, it is not without at least a small grain of truth. After all, Germany is the land of Bescheide, Bescheinigungen, and Belege, a country where you won’t get very far without [...]