YG Bloggers covering the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

All hail San Iker and Pulpo Paul!

Germany Fan by Ines Eiban Just like four years ago, the biggest star of the World Cup has hung up his boots after it. Like Zinedine Zidane before him, Paul the psychic octopus has had enough and opted for retirement. Both used their heads to great effect in their respective tournaments, but it [...]

The World Cup legacy

The world's most spectacular football bonanza; the World Cup, has finally come to an end. Looking back at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, it will be remembered by many with nostalgia. Both on and off the pitch, the tournament was never short of drama.  There were lots of surprises on the [...]

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May the best team win

So the Deutschland dream is over. Buried in a wave of tiki-taka. Yeah, Spain was much superior to Germany and totally deserved their win, but how boring is it to watch them play? Pass, pass, pass. Then pass, pass, pass again. And again, for 73 minutes until they broke German hearts with a [...]

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Germany, spain, and the octopus

It was painful and sad for me to see Germany knocked out of the 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa. I had predicted that Germany would lift the coveted trophy this year. I watched the game with some sense of confidence. But with a cagey first half, the game became lively in [...]

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It is over, but we had a ball

These giant footballs lined a South African street at the start of the World Cup this June, each a representative of one of the famous FIFA cup balls.  In Germany, another giant football is on the streets: a hand-stitched football covered in hand-written well wishes for Germany’s football team. Unveiled in Berlin the day after [...]

Paul the psychic octopus couldn’t solve this dilemma

An uncomfortable moral dilemma looms for me today. Germany take on Spain and suddenly I'm faced with a choice. Two years ago, for the final of Euro 2008, it wasn't even an issue and I celebrated with gusto when La Furia Roja finally brought a trophy back to España. --- What do you think? --- [...]


One thing is certain: This year at least one team will have its revenge against the proverbial bad luck. Many teams have this, but Spain, Holland and Germany most represent the classic teams that play “the beautiful game”, that merit the title, but yet don’t win it. But don’t forget - there is [...]

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