A surprise meeting at the Christmas market

A stand at the Heidelburg Christmas Market. Photo (cc) flickr user pineapplebaum Living so far from the place where I grew up, I had long ago given up on the possibilty of a chance meeting with so-and-so from whenever-a-long-time-ago.  I like chance meetings.  I like finding out what has become of people I [...]

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Winter, Christmas, and the Christkind

The entrance to the Mainz Christmas market. Photo © Click Clack Gorilla Though technically winter doesn't start until the solstice—that is the shortest day and longest night of the year around December 22nd—for me the season is heralded by two things, regardless of the date: snow and Christmas markets.  So now it finally [...]

Expat Life: Parenting and Paperwork

Baby on the way? Get ready for a mountain of paperwork! Photo (c) Click Clack Gorilla Every since Baby Pickles arrived I have felt like I’m being buried alive.  Letters, forms, papers, confirmations, more forms, more forms, and more forms.  Welcome to parenthood in Germany.  Not so pleased to meet you, but thanks [...]

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Music in Germany: Antifolk in Frankfurt

Phoebe Kreutz. Photo (cc) flickr user GeertBoog It was John Darnielle's dirty, fizzley, basement-boom-box recordings that first trained me to turn a deaf ear to scrappy guitar and to love music that did little more than tell a damn fine story. The Mountain Goats' early recordings are the music that macheted the way [...]

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Visiting Berlin’s Spreepark

The Spreepark Ferris wheel. Photo (cc) flickr user King of Jive The Spreepark—East Germany's only amusement park—opened in 1969.  Visitors numbering 1.7 million came each year to have fun alongside the river Spree and to ride the giant Ferris wheel.  But with the falling of the Berlin Wall, it's popularity began to decline [...]

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Expat Life: A Seven-Year Anniversary

The Frankfurt skyline. Photo (cc) flickr user salomon10 When we are small time seems to pass so slowly.  There are days that feel like weeks, hours that feel like days.  As we get older the chorus begins: time seems to be speeding up and at every birthday, anniversary, and holiday we find ourselves [...]