Learning German: Foreign Language Learning With Music

Music can be a boon to language learning. Photo copyright picture alliance / Maximilian Schönherr During my first year in Germany, German music became very important to me.  Though I never could get into bands like Kraftwerk or Rammstein, other artists who sang in German were staples in my DIY, trial-by-fire, at-home German [...]

Snow White Must Die: German Crime Fiction in English

Nele Neuhaus's novel Snow White Must Die came out in the United States earlier this month. Photo (cc) ~Aphrodite Once upon a time in a Frankfurt meatpacking factory, Nele Neuhaus worked in an office.  Against her then-husband's advice, she self-published her first novel, Swimming With Sharks.  On her website, Neuhaus describes it as [...]

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Expat Parenting: Myths About Bilingual Children

It turns out that bilingualism does not influence when children begin to speak. Photo (cc) flickr user deanwissing If you are planning on raising bilingual children, you will hear it from friends and find it on the pages of books: bilingual children start speaking later than monolingual children.  But it turns out this [...]

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