Berlinale 2017 | Young Germany

Coverage of the Berlin International Film Festival 2017

In the backstreets of ‘Dark City’

The Berlinale means not only premieres of feature films and documentaries, but also retrospectives. This year's Retrospective is devoted to SF cinema, and you have to agree that it looks impressive – including both classic and exotic titles from the genre. It was Monday, 2.30 p.m., the middle of a working day. Meanwhile, a large [...]

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A Journey between Heaven and Earth: “Almost Heaven”

A tender coming-of-age documentary about young undertakers at a funeral home in Hunan Province. Like many teenagers who have to move to urban areas for work, 17-year-old Ying Ling left the village where she grew up to become an undertaker at one of China’s largest funeral homes in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province. While [...]

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Drawing Borders

The idea that we live in a “postcolonial” age is something of a myth. The effects of centuries of imperialism are still felt today, whether that’s in the trampling of Sioux rights for the sake of a pipeline or in language that continually undermines non-white cultures. It’s not surprising, then, that colonialism is still under [...]

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“A Feeling Greater Than Love”.. Between Lebanon’s past and present

One of the generally permanent roles of Cinema and Documentary Film, in particular, is connecting the past to the present. Searching through the past generations’ log books for tales not known to ordinary people, and straightly extending the lines of those tales to confirm what we all know, that humanity has recurring faces and that [...]

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What do the pictures tell us?

There have always been "hybrid" documentaries, but at this year's Berlinale they are especially prominent. Of course, it is difficult to clearly define the concept: not only do the films deal mainly with diversity, but they also differ tremendously from one another. Let's begin with In the Intense Now by João Moreira Salles. The Brazilian director [...]

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Yesterday’s Spain stands before the mirror

In „La Reina de España“ („The Queen of Spain“), veteran director Fernando Trueba portrays a country on the cusp of opening itself up to the world following the end of the international embargo against the Franco dictatorship. But the new winds of modernity are nothing more than quaint decoration, as the wounds of the Spanish [...]

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Brazil sets sights on golden Bear

Brazil is making its mark at the Berlinale by showing films in the most important sections of the programme. The feature film "Joaquim" by Marcelo Gomes will be screened in the Competition section. Countdown to the start of the Berlinale, the Berlin International Film Festival. The outside temperature is falling again, which once more makes [...]

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