The Christmas market in Frankfurt: A warm moment at 0 °C!

I was around five or six years old when I saw snow for the first and one of just a few times. I remember being so happy to know that I didn’t have to go to school that day. Everything stopped. No one was able to do anything; we were not used to [...]

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A day in Bacharach

Perhaps, unconsciously, it had been my love of raw onions that had brought me to Germany in the first place. I had tottered into “zum Rebstock” in search of food.  At first I had been drawn to the most impressively old—and, probably, most underhandedly touristic—of Bacharach’s wine taverns.  Altes Haus (Old House), it [...]

Walking Down Wine Street

Germany is, as regular readers of this blog will know, a country that I value above all for its mastery of the art of brewing beer. Well, not above everything, but at the top of the list of reasons I moved to Germany, beer is right up there next to functioning public transportation [...]

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Hot love at Christmas

"Let’s make hot love." Greg had just stumbled into the kitchen where Jan was heating up a bottle of Glühwein (mulled wine) that he’d bought at the grocery store. "What?!" Jan asked, shocked. "Are you drunk?" "No, of course not. I just want to make hot love with you." "Are you kidding me? What's gotten [...]