The Role of German Art

Today Guarav Kedia will be taking over the Young Germany blog to tell you a little bit about his experiences here. He initially came to Germany to do a short intership–or so he thought.  But after working at the University of Stuttgart, he decided to stay and began a MSc degree program. Read more about [...]

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Religion vs Art: Buddha in Bavaria

Photo copyright Nina Groznykh Today's blog comes to us from guest blogger Nina Groznykh. Welcome Nina! Is it a provocation or an art? This is the crucial question that has divided art lovers and Buddhists in Munich since Han Chong’s art installation “Made in Dresden” opened in January in the city center. The [...]

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Wordless Wednesday: Documenta 2012

dOCUMENTA is a huge art happening in Kassel, Germany.  This week's Wordless Wednesday post is a showcase of some of this year's event: dOCUMENTA(13). Photo (cc) flickr user !Koss Photo (cc) flickr user Joep de Graaff Photo (cc) flickr user !Koss  

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Wordless Wednesday: More Berliner Street Art

Back by populat demand, more photos of Berlin street art.

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Looking for momentous anniversaries in 2011

In January last year, I wrote the popular theory that, in the twentieth century, important things tended to happen to Germany in years ending in 9 – i.e. the 1919 Versailles Peace Treaty, the 1939 start of the Second World War, the 1949 founding of the Federal Republic and, most recently, the 1989 [...]

Real Reindeers. In a Museum. Enough said.

Ever get lost in thought about where you see yourself in ten years? Or contemplating what steps to take to become a millionaire? Scheming about how to reach that personal zenith of ever-lasting satisfaction in life...? Well, I cannot tell the future, nor can I help in terms of money, but I do know the [...]

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On German museums and climate capsules

If there’s one thing Germany is good at apart from beer (and there are a few things), it’s museums. They might not be free like in the UK, but they are often of exceptional quality. After all, Germans take education, or Bildung as it is reverently referred to, very seriously, and museum visits [...]