Party Like a German

Photo copyright Liv Hambrett Liv Hambrett is an Australian expat living in Germany.  Visit her blog, follow her on twitter, or buy a copy of Sincere Forms of Flattery, an anthology that includes her work. This weekend brought with it a series of reminders that, in case I had forgotten or indeed been [...]

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The Expecting Expat: Pregnancy in Germany

At the beginning of September I celebrated my 6-year anniversary in Germany.  Though it made me briefly nostalgic, more than ever it's the future that I have on my mind: in February I'll be having a baby.  In Germany.  An American-German baby.  A baby who will probably be able to speak better German [...]

Germans could win the World Grill Cup

If I said to you barbeque, you’d say to me: America! After all, it is the land of BBQ sauce, rib and steak cook-outs and, oddly enough, a variety of grilled “dogs” – which, I have to confess, I always had the Koreans down for, but whaddya know? Anyway, I’m not the only one [...]

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Looking for momentous anniversaries in 2011

In January last year, I wrote the popular theory that, in the twentieth century, important things tended to happen to Germany in years ending in 9 – i.e. the 1919 Versailles Peace Treaty, the 1939 start of the Second World War, the 1949 founding of the Federal Republic and, most recently, the 1989 [...]

Christmas in Germany

In under 48 hours, I will be celebrating my third Christmas in Germany. Most of my friends are still mildly surprised that I don’t go back to my mum’s for the festivities: Christmas is, after all, supposed to be the time when people return home to see their family to be treated like [...]

Get Weihnachtsmarkted, mate!

The British pub crawl is a much maligned thing. Probably because the word “crawl” implies that the participants are unable to walk between pubs, the pub crawl is generally interpreted by British people as an excuse to get absolutely hammered, and is therefore associated by our European neighbors with nothing more than drunkenness [...]

Faded glamour on the rails

The end of November 2010 marks an odd personal anniversary for me: It means five years of no flying. That’s right, I last got on an airplane back in November 2005, travelling from Paris to Dortmund and back again. I was growing increasingly uncomfortable with news about global warming and the damaging impact [...]