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About Silvia

Silvia was born in Verona, Italy and earned a Bachelor in International Relations and Diplomatics from the University of Trieste. She took part in the Erasmus Programme at Lapin Yliopisto - University of Lapland and is currently doing a two-year MA in European Studies, a joint degree between the University of Flensburg (Germany) and the Univeristy of Southern Denmark of Sønderborg (Denmark). Her interests include environmental politics and international relations, architecture, design, languages and cultures.

From the Hamburg Weihnachtsmarkt to doing a Master’s in Germany

Hamburg Weihnachtsmarkt, Photo: (cc) flickr user mawel: Marc Wellekötter

Hamburg Weihnachtsmarkt, Photo: (cc) flickr user mawel: Marc Wellekötter

There’s nothing like the German Christmas market atmosphere. I remember the first time I had the chance to experience it back in 2009, when I found myself immersed in the wonderful Christmas market of Hamburg. I remember that evening like it was yesterday because it was then that I really started to fall in love with Germany. After this experience, I tried to spend all my holidays and time in this country, as well as learning more about Germans and their culture.

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