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At the end of 2009, Jen–American ex-pat bloggerette of Resident on Earth–found herself moving to Germany from a small midwestern town in the United States. As is the case for many ex-pats, it was love that inspired her move, and in the time since, she’s found that her partner isn’t the only thing there is to love about Germany.

Visiting Aachen

Aachen was an important city in Germany in the Middle Ages, and is where the kings of Germany were crowned. It was Charlemagne’s favorite place to be, and undoubtedly his mark is felt on the city. I really enjoyed our visit to Aachen--at just this time last year. The Mann lived there when [...]

Cool Cologne

One day last May as we were zipping along the Autobahn at light speed, we decided to make an impromptu stop in Köln (Cologne) to see its impressive and famous cathedral, the Kölner Dom. So we zipped in, saw it, and zipped out. And impressive it is, to say the least. I craned [...]

Frozen roses

Yesterday was Rosenmontag (Rose Monday), part of Germany’s carnival celebrations before Lent. This is a time of year when Germans don silly costumes in order to overcompensate for generally being a serious and humorless people. Well, the humorless part is not always true. But even The Mann admitted, after we sat silently (and [...]

Eating out at the…Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof?

You may laugh, but I have to say that some of the yummiest Asian food I’ve had in Germany was at none other than the Frankfurt Hauptbanhof (that is, the main train station, for the English-speaking folks). For those of you traveling through the station, I’d highly recommend trackside dining at the Asia [...]

Roasted pig’s head and other delicacies

One Sunday last June, despite the fact that we were monstrously tired and the weather was rainyish, we trekked all the way out to Gelnhausen for their medieval festival. Of course it was only marginally historical, but still, rather fun. This is where Germans love to dress up in spectacularly bad costumes and [...]

Learning German through Kindervision

I’m dreaming in German now. Ah, so it has come to this. Last night I dreamed that it came out in a shocking news story that America was using fresh Dachshund (wiener dog) meat in its sushi. I expressed in this dream my shock and dismay – in German – with an Afghan [...]

Visiting Berlin

The first time I was in Berlin, I left the city in the hush of the early morning hours. I awoke at the ungodly hour of 4 AM, slipped into a taxi, and sleepily watched the streets in the morning darkness on the way to the airport. Berlin was at the tail end [...]

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