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Nicolette Stewart is a freelance writer based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. You can read more of her tales of marauding, plunder, and international gorilla conspiracy at or find her talking about books on Twitter @bookpunks

The Week in Germany: Berlin in 24 Hours, German Customer Service, and Dirndl Advice

11 Burg Gutenfels

Job interviews in Germany when your German is still a work in progress.

Heather in Deutschland had an interview entirely auf Deutsch.  How did it go?  Well, she can tell it best right over here.

Is Berlin in 24 hours even possible?

Well, apparently.  Fotostrasse has a guide for those with only a spot of time to spend in Germany’s capital.

“You just got here and you’re lost with so many places to see but not enough time to actually go. I’ll post some of the main attractions together with some history and a personal points of view, so you can see Berlin through the eyes of an expatiate and have the best of both worlds: the tourist and the local.”  Read the entire guide here.

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The Week in Germany: Expat Meetups, Dresden, Luminale, Words

Photo copyright dpa / picture alliance

Photo copyright dpa / picture alliance

Is there a difference between being a military family and an expat?

And does it matter?  I hover between the exact meanings of words meaning EVERYTHING and nothing at all, ho-hum, is there anything else on?

Am I an expat?  Immigrant would probably be more appropriate.  Expat always sounds so fleeting, and I am in Germany for good.  Do we need to have labels for all the different kinds of foreigners living in a country?  Are these labels more exclusive than inclusive?  From Casinos to Castles got a discussion going on the topic with her contraversial post Sorry Military Families, You’re Not Expats.  I don’t know if I agree or disagree, but it is an interesting discussion.

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How I Got Here: An Expat Bloggers Blog Hop

Photo copyright dpa

Photo copyright dpa

There are a thousand different ways to end up living in Germany.  One person followed a spouse.  Another came to study.  A third came for a job.  A fourth loved the language so much that she decided to move here.  So how did you end up in Germany?  Sharing that story is what this blog hop is about.

What is a blog hop?

A blog hop is a way to collect links for blogs on a similar topic, to make it easy to find other bloggers and to get conversation started.

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The Week in Germany: Walks, Marriage, Spreepark, and the Flamingos in Frankfurt

Photo copyright dpa

Photo copyright dpa

It’s spring now.  Go take a walk.

Sometimes you discover the most on foot.  deutsch, bitte explores Berlin on foot and takes pictures of the details that pop out along the way.

How to get married in Germany.

In case you’re into that kind of thing.  Find it over on the myGermanExpert blog.

Oh crap, Spreepark has been sold.

I don’t like the sound of this at all:

“‘The district wants a small, fine family park. But the old rides scrap has to go,’ he said, presumably before emitting an evil laugh.  Indeed the senate and district both want a ‘high-quality, eco-friendly culture and leisure park,’ according to Der Tagesspiegel.”  Read more on Abandoned Berlin.

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