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Mark is Young Germany's editor. From a young age Mark lived a semi-nomadic life that has taken him around the world. His suitcase is in Frankfurt now and he is happily discovering the country he was born in.As an avid consumer of news he is interested in technology issues, especially the internet and the changing media landscape. To get away from it all he regularly logs off and goes cycling.

Van Gaal stumbles but celebrates

Birthday-boy Arjen Robben netted the decisive goal in this weekend's top Bundesliga match between Bremen and Bayern Munich. The free-kick, taken from some 20 meters on the far right of the penalty box was whipped in - passing friend and foe in the box - and dipped in time to stroke the underside of the [...]

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Phantom goal & championship prediction

The Bundesliga awakened from its winter slumber. Well, at least the players did. The referee of the Zweite Bundesliga match (Germany’s second highest league) between Duisburg and FSV Frankfurt obviously still had sleep in his eyes when he awarded a goal that was none. And I really mean none. Though the outcome of the match [...]

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Tops and flops of the Bundesliga

The Bundesliga goes into hibernation as the winter break is upon us. Time to take a look back at the first half of the season. Bayer Leverkusen have won the Pyrrhic “Herbstmeister” (Autumn Champions) -title. Vizekusen, as the club is derogatorily referred to (akin to Michael Ballack’s record of coming second best), will hope that [...]

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A comedy of errors

Attempts have been made to make football calculable: Opta index; chalkboards with crosses and lines more abstract than a Kandinsky painting; video analyses; and training sessions dedicated to the correct movement with and without the ball. Little is left to chance, yet notwithstanding there are moments of pure individual genius that defy systems and tactics. [...]

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Bye-Bye Babbel

"I have never experienced something like what happened on Saturday in my whole career. Four weeks after the Robert Enke tragedy shows that the fans and the football scene have not learnt a thing. The events on Saturday tell me that it’s all hypocrisy." These are the parting words of Markus Babbel – trainer of [...]

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Kiessling hat-trick puts Leverkusen on top

„The best thing the trainer can do is to substitute all eleven players” said Stuttgart manager Horst Heldt. But it wasn’t a post-match rant, it was an interview held at half-time. 45 minutes against Leverkusen were enough to have Heldt fuming over a 2-0 deficit in the BayArena. The second half, replete with another two [...]

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Rollercoaster match: Schalke vs Hamburg

Two nil up at half-time – Hamburg were cruising. Playing away to Schalke, the team from northern Germany looked confident with goals coming from a well-worked first goal finished off by forward Marcus Berg and the second from a dipping free-kick from German international Piotr Trochowski. Schalke keeper Manuel Neuer fished the ball out of [...]

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