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Der Irische Berliner came to Berlin on St. Patrick’s Day 2008, to live, love, and learn all there was to be lived, loved, and learned in this wonderful city. And for Kürbiskernbrot. Expecting the school German learned 13 years previously to come flooding back as soon as he stepped on German soil, he was disappointed to find it didn’t. Na ja! He was consequently relieved to find Berliners love to have their language butchered by foreigners, a phenomenon described as niedlich. Two stolen bikes, five mobile phones, and countless Sternis later, he doesn’t see any reason to live anywhere else, especially when every day is an adventure of unpredictable possibilities, probabilities, and potentialities. When not working on amusing alliteration combinations or ignoring Betreten Verboten signs, he works as a freelance journalist whose raving reports and rantings can be found on www.irishberliner.com.

May the best team win

So the Deutschland dream is over. Buried in a wave of tiki-taka. Yeah, Spain was much superior to Germany and totally deserved their win, but how boring is it to watch them play? Pass, pass, pass. Then pass, pass, pass again. And again, for 73 minutes until they broke German hearts with a [...]

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Paul the psychic octopus couldn’t solve this dilemma

An uncomfortable moral dilemma looms for me today. Germany take on Spain and suddenly I'm faced with a choice. Two years ago, for the final of Euro 2008, it wasn't even an issue and I celebrated with gusto when La Furia Roja finally brought a trophy back to España. --- What do you think? --- [...]

Tentacle of doom predicts Albiceleste defeat

So-called experts are notorious for getting it wrong. As soon as they open their mouths, a curse is cast on whoever has the misfortune to be spoken about. "Ronaldo's in great form. He'll bring Portugal far." Cue Portugal's exit. "Franck Ribéry will take the competition by storm." Cue France's ignominious exit. "Wayne Rooney [...]

Irish feeling patriotic for Germany ahead of der Klassiker

Now that the French are out of the way with the unexpected bonus of more Schadenfreude than we could possibly have asked for, Irish World Cup ambitions revert to seeing the English knocked out as soon as possible. For me personally, this takes on added significance as the task falls to Germany, the [...]

The Irish celebrate as Les Bleus look set to go home

Fireworks greeted the first goal. And again the second. But they weren't for Germany. In fact, living in Berlin as I do, it seems fireworks go off for every goal, scored by every team! In such a multinational city, someone's going to be celebrating no matter who scores or wins. It means we're [...]

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The Jabulani Ball: Kicking Controversy

Nobody's happy. Not the coaches, not the players, not the officials in charge, and certainly not the players. Nobody is happy with the ball to be used at the World Cup, despite having had weeks to get used to kicking it in frustration. The new Adidas ball is ironically called 'Jabulani,' meaning 'to [...]