About Brian Melican

Born Londoner Brian Melican studied Modern Foreign Languages at University in the U.K. and, somewhere around the third year of his degree course, realised that the low cost of living (i.e. the price of beer) in Germany would make his idea of being a journalist and writer somewhat easier to execute. Now, he writes and makes videos about life in Germany, both in German and in English. In his spare time, he likes to meet friends and relax, usually over a - yes, you guessed it - nice, frothy German beer. Occasionally, he enjoys other great aspects of German life - galleries, museums, pork products...

Germans could win the World Grill Cup

If I said to you barbeque, you’d say to me: America! After all, it is the land of BBQ sauce, rib and steak cook-outs and, oddly enough, a variety of grilled “dogs” – which, I have to confess, I always had the Koreans down for, but whaddya know? Anyway, I’m not the only one [...]

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Get Weihnachtsmarkted, mate!

The British pub crawl is a much maligned thing. Probably because the word “crawl” implies that the participants are unable to walk between pubs, the pub crawl is generally interpreted by British people as an excuse to get absolutely hammered, and is therefore associated by our European neighbors with nothing more than drunkenness [...]

Not Enough Gell? On German linguistic stylings

Just like beer, north-south differences (especially linguistic ones) are one of the defining features of Germany – and one of the things I most frequently write about on this blog. When I was learning German, I had it drummed into me again and again: make sure you learn Hochdeutsch; learn to speak like [...]

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Like a fish out of water in evening class

If there’s one stereotype about Germans that is very stubborn abroad, it’s that they are sticklers for paperwork; and like all stereotypes, it is not without at least a small grain of truth. After all, Germany is the land of Bescheide, Bescheinigungen, and Belege, a country where you won’t get very far without [...]