About Amr El Beleidy

Growing up in Egypt, Amr went to the UK for his university studies. He studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at University College London (UCL) and later returned to obtain his Master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Futures at Imperial College. With a team of friends, he's now building the online travel community touringa. This community allows you to travel around the world with local guides, and guides other travellers by showing them your part of the world through your eyes. Amr is also a freelance writer, often writing about travel. Amr was one of the millions of people who took part in the Egyptian revolution. His tweets at @beleidy have some 4,800 followers and were featured on the Washington Post blog.

My Father was the President of Egypt

In the run up to the toppling of the then president Mohamed Hosny Mubarak, his parasitic group in power did their utmost to keep him in place. Government-controlled media took up mass propaganda by fabricating stories and advocating the ex-president’s merits. The loyalists were using a message they thought would make most people [...]

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