Germany: The Good, The Bad & The Awesome!

by California Globetrotter

The Good

  • You say ‘Grüß Gott’ as a greeting in Bavaria.
  • You say ‘Guten Appetite’ before every meal.
  • You ride a bike every day, rain, snow or shine.
  • You have an insurance policy for everything: Your health, your house, your car and your friend’s TV.
  • You’re obsessed with conserving electricity, water & gas because you want your yearly refund.
  • You have a case of beer on hand at all times
  • You’re a dish washing pro.
  • You maximize the most out of little space.
  • You’re OCD about recycling everything properly: plastic, paper, brown glass, green glass, white glass….


  • You know the dangers of saying “Happy Birthday” before someone’s birthday.
  • You might have a Masters degree. Or two.
  • You might carry an extra tote bag in your purse/backpack for shopping purposes and kick yourself when you forget it.
  • You have one favorite football (soccer) team and hate all the rest
  • You have a shot of schnapps after every big meal.


The Bad

  • You have been let down by the Deutsche Bahn more times than you can count so you bought a car.
  • You get annoyed when there are long lines and only 2 registers are open out of 10.
  • German banks annoy you.
  • You miss air conditioning.
  • You get road rage when someone is driving slow in the fast lane.
  • You carry an umbrella with you at all times.
  • You hate the German stare and have started asking people, “Can I help you with something?”
  • A corner of your house is stuff to the max with bottles waiting to be taken back for your Pfand.
  • You hate GEMA for blocking all those awesome videos.
  • You know how frustrating it can be to make a Dr’s appointment.
  • You begin wearing scarfs 24/7 because everyone constantly says without one you’ll catch the “Zug”.
  • You’ve hate when someone honks at you within a second of the light turning green.
  • You make dinner reservations even if it’s a casual dinner.
  • You go grocery shopping every 2-3 days.
  • You despise the loud drunken singing at 4am after soccer games
  • You know the dangers of a lunatic driver trying to pass you on a windy country back road.
  • You’ll suddenly find that making “small talk” is difficult…
  • You hate that the stores close at 8pm and you need something at 8:05pm.
  • You avoid the grocery stores before & after public holidays because you know it’s like shopping during the Apocalypse.
  • You can only handle so much of German perfectionism


The Awesome

  • You PROST every chance you get.
  • You can cook schnitzel like a pro.
  • You love driving fast on the autobahn and hate the slow bits.
  • You look forward to the Christmas Market season all year.
  • You look forward to your ‘Feierabend’, preferably with a beer, in a beer garden.
  • You eat Brotzeit as often as possible
  • You wear your Lederhosen or Dirndl to every festival (if you’re in Bavaria)
  • You have a trendy grocery/wicker basket.
  • You’re day feels incomplete if you haven’t said “Genau” at least 10 times.
  • People might think you’re crazy when you have your windows open before it’s warm outside.
  • You have a favorite Döner shop & they know you’re name!
  • You enjoy the crazy, sporadic thunderstorms.
  • You BBQ every sunny day at the nearest park, river, lake.


  • You have a particular potato salad you like the best.
  • You can navigate the bus/train system like a pro.
  • You have walked down the street, in public with a beer in your hand AND not been arrested.
  • You love Spargel season.
  • You can pour a good head on a beer.
  • You know which glass is for which beer.
  • Once you go Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz or VW, you never go back.
  • You reserve your lounge chair with a towel at 8am.


This post was inspired by My Meena Life.

Have you got more to add to the list? Share your thoughts!


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