Menschen bewegen – on stilts

Menschen bewegen – on stilts

Germany finances foreign cultural and educational policy to the tune of some 1.6 billion euros annually. The projects are diverse, but the goal is well-defined. It’s about promoting dialogue. At the Menschen bewegen Forum, people from all over the world came to Berlin to exchange ideas, and inspire each other – in many different ways. Here’s one modest example.

It may look a little shaky, but for some these are steps towards living a more secure life. Young people walk on stilts through a hall in Berlin, for fun, and as a way of learning. Here, these young people are learning stilt skills in a refugee camp in Turkey. To get some solid ground underneath their feet, and rediscover themselves. The idea came from a theatre in Germany – it’s now development aid.

Moving people – that is the goal of Germany’s foreign cultural and education policy. Holding a dialogue. People from around the world came together at the Menschen bewegen Forum in Berlin, to exchange views, and to find inspiration. And they do so in a multiplicity of ways. For example, on stilts.

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