The Week in Germany: The First Week of 2016

Lion paws, photo Andre Herzog

Spoonfuls of Germany

“However, since I stumbled into writing Spoonfuls of Germany, the book that is, which first came out in 2004 and was recently released as an ebook, German food has taken the role of the German cultural ambassador in our family. My husband and children don’t speak more than a few words of German, and have never been to Germany except for brief visits but they know and appreciate a lot of German dishes. Today the scent of a Pot Roast from the Römertopf filling the house means comfort food for all of us.” Read more on Spoonfuls of Germany.

Berlin by Night

“Berlin is often described as grey, dirty and noisy. In some way this is true – it’s the bitter side of the otherwise sweet fruit that is our city. Especially now in Winter the grey of the city can become a bit overwhelming. In this season, it’s the night that brings back color into the city with its many artificial lights. They create a very own atmosphere that can range from mysterious and haunting, to playful, exciting and even romantic.” Read more on I Heart Berlin.

New Year’s Eve in Germany

“Now that 2016 is here (YAY!), the holiday season is officially over (BOO!). Although this was my second time spending Christmas and New Year’s in Germany, I was still able to experience a few traditions that I missed out on the first time around.” Read more on Welcome to Germerica.

Adventures in the Cold in Germany

“The car battery needed a run, so despite my adamant claims I would not be leaving the house on Sunday given the minus temperatures, we drove out to Laboe. The plan was to park metres from our preferred fish restaurant, roll from car to warm restaurant, ingest a large piece of battered, deep-fried fish and some sort of potato accompaniment, roll back to the car and drive home, battery charged and bellies full.” Read more on Liv Hambrett’s website.

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