The Week in Germany: Berlin, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, and Bremen

Frankfurt Book Fair 2015. Photo copyright Nicolette Stewart

Frankfurt Book Fair 2015. Photo copyright Nicolette Stewart

Running and photography: Two marathons, one city

The blogger behind No Apathy Allowed participated in both recently, and you can read about the Bremen Fotomarathon here and the Bremen Half Marathon here. A little marathoning for everyone.

Speaking of running…

Do you know the places in Berlin where Run Lola Run was filmed? If not, Fotostrasse will fill you in here.

Visit Düsseldorf with Leather and Abel

“I’m not going to beat around the bush here, there was only one reason why we went to Düsseldorf and that was to try the Japanese food. I’ve always heard everyone rave about it and Japanese people travel specifically to this city to eat. I wish I could say it was so amazing that I will do it again, but alas, it wasn’t. The actual city is super cute though.” Read and view more here.

Berlin’s Festival of Lights

“Every time I start to lament that all the great summer events are over and there is such a long wait until the Christmas season starts, I realize that smack dab in the middle is that spectacular Berlin show: The Festival of Lights. A precursor to the holiday market rounds, the Festival hits usually around the same time as the brisk shift in weather, requiring one to bundle up tight in order to withstand chilling nighttime temperatures and tour the light shows. Sometimes a shock to one’s fresh-off-summer sensibilities, it’s still quite a show.” Read more on Sole Satisfaction.

The totes of the Frankfurt Book Fair

I love this collection of Book Fair photos at StadtkindFFM which concentrates on the tote bags all over the event. Take a look right here.

Abandoned Berlin on the capital’s abandoned asylums

“Hidden behind tall trees in a neglected part of Berlin are the refugee homes Germany doesn’t want you to know about. Locals pretend they don’t exist, passers-by look the other way, trams scoot past as quickly as possible, birds and squirrels stay away.

“There are hundreds of them in nine massive blocks six stories high, reaching for the sky but getting nowhere, no escape. Empty rooms, broken windows, hollow corridors. Vacant, just wasted. ” Read more here.


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