The Week in Germany: Berlin, Rabbits, Music

The dog days of summer. Photo copyright Karl-Josef Hildenbrand, dpa

The dog days of summer. Photo copyright Karl-Josef Hildenbrand, dpa

So is Berlin in or out this week?

“Berlin became the place to be. Old-school Berliners were bewildered and, I must admit, I didn’t join in the raging aggressiveness towards every single change, I was a bit worried. The city, at least to me, had been a stargate to a utopian dimension. You could feel that history had had taken another course here. Its environment and inhabitants hadn’t been infected by the fever of globalisation and consumeristic craving. The German capital was a small loophole in the West’s capitalist system. Things I had only heard about from my older friends, such as underground movements – which in Italy were long-time dead, or had been absorbed by a fashion industry which repackaged them and tossed them to the masses – here were still thiriving in their original forms. Berlin was cool because “she” was the anti-cool. Then, she became glamorous and lost some of her charm. Gradually, she became less unique, less radical. She was slowly letting herself be undermined by imported trends, swayed by a progress which didn’t always mean improvement.” Read more on überlin.

Rabbits of Berlin

“At first glance there’s not much to see here aside from the usual Berliner Tristesse. A gas station, a busy road and a massive construction site.  But on closer inspection – the secret of the Chauseestraße unravels. A thin brick line crosses through the street – the memorial of where the Berlin Wall once stood  – a familiar sight to most Berlin aficionados. And then you spot the Rabbit. At first its just one – but then as the saying goes – they seem to multiply like the proverbial rabbits. As soon as you’ve spotted one, another seems to appear out of nowhere.” Read more on Digital Cosmonaut.

Death in the family

“The Swiss-German founder of Berlin experimental band Cluster and Krautrock supergroup Harmonia died on Monday, leaving behind a long legacy of musical innovation.” Read more on The Local.

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