The Week in Germany: Graffiti, Couture Eggs, and the River Rhine



Hello My Name Is…German Graffiti

Is a documentary about the German graffiti scene that is traveling Germany right now, and you can find showing dates here.

Couture Easter Eggs

In case you didn’t get enough last weekend.  “In Germany we have two essential traditions for the Easter holiday: The first one is hiding chocolate Easter bunnies and nests or eggs filled with candy that the kids (or the grown-up kids who don’t want to let go of their childhood memories) have to search. And the second one is that we artfully paint real chicken eggs to make them into Eater egg ornaments that we have on some branches in a vase. Sometimes the eggs are simply colorful, some have more elaborate paintings or even carvings on them.”  Read and see more here.

The Mighty Rhine!

“Beginning from Switzerland, flowing by France, Germany and through the Netherlands and spewing into the North Sea.  The Rhine river is the second largest river in western Europe and has alot to offer. 10 adventures and facts about the Rhine river, Germany.” Read more here.

The Rosenstrasse Protest

“Many people believed that it was impossible for Germans to resist the Nazi dictatorship, war propaganda and the deportation of Jewish people. However, a street protest in 1943 showed that resistance was possible and that it could be successful.

“Hundreds of unarmed German women stood day and night for a week doing something that was unheard of in Nazi Germany. They stood close to Gestapo agents armed with machine guns and demanded the release of their Jewish husbands that were locked up in a Jewish community center close to Alexanderplatz.”  Read more on Fotostrasse.

Bike life in Germany

“Life is good when it is a warm Spring day and the whole family can hop on their bike and go out and explore the world. When we first arrived here, in Germany, we got ourselves new bikes and a bike trailer for our, then, 14 months old. We had to blend in.” Read more here.

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