The Week in Germany: WWII Fiction, Winter in Bavaria, Empty Houses, & Difficult German Words

Photo: Gratisography

Photo: Gratisography

I can’t stand reading fiction about World War II.

Can you?  Over on Book Punks, I talk about why living in Germany has turned me away from fiction about the war

“When the hype for Elizabeth Wein’s Code Name Verity was going around, I found myself forced to confront a new wall in my reading tastes, an allergy of sorts. I can’t read fiction about World War II. I don’t want to read fiction about World War II. Get that shit away from me—what are you kidding?—gross.

“It is a result of living in Germany. I have been here for almost ten years now, and I can’t recall a single day in recent memory when World War II didn’t come up. Let’s look at one week in the life.” Read more here.

Learn to love winter in Bavaria.

“We tend to make the most out of wherever we live and try to do as much as possible in the immediate vicinity. Naturally we ventured out a lot as well while we lived in Bavaria for a few years, no matter the season or weather. We love the mountains a lot and the scenery in general is gorgeous in Bavaria! Just think of all the lakes and forests there and all the cute little houses. And one time of the year is especially beautiful: WINTER! A snow cover for as wide as the eye can see, the sun usually shines and what’s more magical than seeing Neuschwanstein Castle covered in powder?”  Read on at The Migrant Expats.

Just learning German?

Laptops and Lederhosen advise not trying to use these words.

Leerstandsmelder crowdfunding thingy.

Seit Ende 2011 besteht auch für Frankfurt am Main die Möglichkeit, ungenutzte Gebäude auf der Plattform »Leerstandsmelder« einzutragen und somit die strukturellen Misssände bezüglich Stadtentwicklung zu visualisieren und online für alle zugänglich und sichtbar zu machen. Für Frankfurt sind aktuell 528 Einträge vorhanden.”  Read more on StadtkindFFM.

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