The Week in Germany: Ice, Berlin, Berlin, Berlin, Offenbach

Photo: Death to Stock Photography

Photo: Death to Stock Photography

Free!  Awesome!  Books! (on Berlin!)

Right now we’re giving away a bunch of pretty books to fill your Berlin-obsessed heart.  We’re giving away both 100 Favorites Places: Berlin and Mauerweg: Stories from the Berlin Wall Trail right here.  When you enter, you get to tell us your favorite place in Berlin.  While I have my money on something easy-to-remember like Brandeburg Gate being the most popular, ONLY YOUR VOTE CAN DECIDE.  So get over there already.  So far I’m the only person who voted Kopi (and I don’t even count, I’m just the tester), and that’s just silly.

Where to take your parents in Berlin

“Everybody here had experience the desperation that emerges when your parents inform you that they will be visiting you here in Berlin, right? The endless questions like “Where should I take them?“, “How can I entertain them without taking them to bars every single night?“, “During the day, what is parents-friendly to walk around but still give them the feeling of what makes Berlin that special to you?”.”  Read more of Fotostrasse’s advice on the subject here.

Some provocative songs

“Singer-songwriter Pigor is one of the most provocative performers on the German stage.  Bold, cheeky and effervescent, Pigor was the first German to bring to the theatre a ‘funny Hitler’, a creation which led to the YouTube 20-million-hit parody ‘Adolf, Die Nazisau‘ with cartoonist Walter Moers and animator Felix Gönnert.” Read on at Meet the Germans.

Who says Offenbach isn’t good for anything?

A lot of people who live in Frankfurt, that’s who, but they are a bunch of suckers because Offenbach isn’t so bad and it has some street art worth looking at, something you can do without even going there yourself via FFM Stadtkind.

Wedding, is a place in Berlin.

We can never quite get away from the topic of Berlin, can we?  This week iHeartBerlin looks at their favorite places in Wedding.  Read about their favs here.

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