Photo copyright CHROMORANGE / Norbert J. Suelzner/dpa

Photo copyright CHROMORANGE / Norbert J. Suelzner/dpa

Life hacks for Berlin residents

Everybody wants to live the easy life.  Well, most everybody.  Fotostrasse has put together some life hacks for people in Berlin.  Here.

‘Tis the season

For reflecting on the past year and looking to the next.  I particularly enjoyed expat blogger Tatiana in Flux’s thoughts.  Here.

What did you read in 2014?

Book Punks (which is also me) is having a blog hop to collect all the reading wrap-ups that bloggers round the globe are putting up.  Add yours right here.

“The Saxons Are Coming, Run for the Alps!”

That title should be enough to make you want to read this post by Laptops and Lederhosen.  It got me.

Elvis in Germany

Loved these pictures from an Elvis appearance while he was stationed here on Chris and Paige.