The Week in Germany: Christmas Is Over, New Year’s Eve Is on the Way

Photo: public domain, photographer martin spiske

Photo: public domain, photographer martin spiske

This is your last chance to revel in German Christmas marketing until next year.

So look at Hamburg’s pretty lights on Geek Mädel.  Or follow Germany Ja! over to a Christmas market in Liege, Belgium.  And read a funny little Christmas poem at Lap Tops and Lederhosen.

Spend the rest of the month eating. German style.

Frau Dietz at Eating Wiesbaden will tell you how to fill your plate with a Seasonal Eating Guide and a blog about what Germans eat at Christmas.

If you’re ignoring the holidays, then you might enjoy these.

Cards Against Humanity’s Berlin edition.

Visit the very creepy Vogelsang Bunker on Abandoned Berlin or the equally abandoned Eisfabrik at Elephant in Berlin.

Die Dachwandler takes you up on a Frankfurt roof that you aren’t supposed to be on.

Learn German and laugh a lot with Expat Eye on Germany.

Get annoyed about the Munichization of Berlin with Der Irische Berliner.

Take a moment to remember with some sadly beautiful photos of a Holocaust memorial at Elephant in Berlin.

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  1. Ric December 27, 2014 at 7:29 pm

    Wow, there are a few blogs here I haven’t read before. Thanks for the links! And of course, hopefully your readers will take the time to pick up a few fireworks so they can celebrate New Year’s Eve properly. Unless of course, they are the few who are ignoring the holidays 🙂

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