Photo from Gratisography

Photo from Gratisography

Morrissey came to Germany.

And then he had to run away because fans were storming the stage at his concert in Essen.

That crazy German language.

“A great example of a simple little word in German is Reißverschlussverfahren. OK, maybe not simple or little but a typical word nonetheless. It is what’s known as a compound word. That’s the easy part.”  Laptops and Lederhosen takes a look at this German word.

Berlin: “It’s complicated.”  (But still sexy, dammit.)

In order to prove it, iHeartBerlin have compiled a list of Berlin’s sexiest sexy places here.

Is Bremen awesome?

Yes, it is.  Oh My God, My Wife Is German will tell you why.

Busting the myths about raising multi-lingual children.

The Piri-Piri Lexicon has a huge list of links taking apart the myths that surrounding raising bilingual kids.  Worth a read or a bookmark.