The Week in Germany: Kafka, Heidelberg, Germerica, and One Berlin Neighborhood

Alpenmurmeltier. Photo copyright dpa

Alpenmurmeltier. Photo copyright dpa

First things first: The Kafka Group Read co-hosted by Young Germany and Book Punks…

…is happening right now, and we would love it if you joined us in the discussion.  Even if you only read it once, like, 15 years ago and don’t feel like reading it again.  You can still stop by and tell us what you remember about it, whether you think you might be up for reading it in German.

You can join in right here.  Then you can go read about the problems of translating that famous first sentence right here.

Welcome to Germerica

“This is a place where all things German and American come together to form a confusing and chaotic mix of language and culture.”  This used to be the blog known as Courtney the Ami, but now it’s got a pretty new name and face.  Check it out here.

A trip to Heidelberg with StadtkindFFM

Stadtkind, a Frankfurt blogger who usually covers graffiti and street art and the likes, took a trip to Heidelberg and took some great pictures of the cityAnd of the graffiti, of course.

Berlin: A puzzle with many pieces

So let Vanesse Abel of Leather and Abel show you around the neighborhood where she lives.  It is an intimate introduction to one pocket of a very big city.  The tour is right here.

Something something salt, Lüneberg, let’s go

Das Blog visits Lüneberg.  Words and photos are here.

Someday, I too, will visit Burg Eltz

Until then, I will have to keep visiting it via other bloggers.  This week it’s with A Pakistani in the Bundesrepublik.

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