World Cup Blog: The Sad Ending to Brazil’s World Cup Dreams

by Jessica Barra, @JessieBarra 

At the moment Brazil lost Neymar, the supporters started to say that everything was lost, how could we plan to get in the final without our best player. Thiago Silva would also miss the game.

Despite the young age Neymar already hold on his shoulders a huge weight full of 200 millions of hope in this World Cup. It’s true, there are another players to share the pressure. But after what happened yesterday maybe the team, and mainly their confidence has depended too much on him.

The road to the World Cup 2018, Illustration by Jessica Barra

The road to the World Cup 2018, Illustration by Jessica Barra

After the Neymar’s lost, the Brazilians still believed that at least the team could “fight” showing some strength on the pitch. Maybe we could have a difficult and tight win. We thought that we would overcome everything, and in some way giving, and dedicating a possibly victory to Neymar.

Maybe Brazil was so much focused on Neymar, that they forgot about Germany.

Even the worst pessimists couldn’t believe it. Before the match all the Brazilians were concerned but optimist. We have this popular statement that says: “I’m a Brazilian and I never give up”. So there was a possibility yet.

Some people only got their tickets hours before the match in the FIFA website. I saw some of them saying that they would get the car and immediately go to Belo Horizonte. Some of them have spent more than 6 hours on the road. Brazilians have spent the last weeks until late at night during this World Cup trying to get some tickets.

I can imagine those people’s reaction to that game. How disappointed they should be, after all this.

What happened in those first 30 minutes is what so many of us are still asking ourselves.

The team was knocked down by a German hurricane: full of tactics, good positioning and passes.

The faces in the stands were perplexed. The most touching reaction were from children. For most of them it were their first World Cup traumatic elimination. Oh, the first disappointment is huge. I remember in 1998 when I was almost 6 years old crying because Brazil had lost the title for France.

Those who are older, theoretically are more prepared for this kind of thing. But not less shocked, I have to say.

What memory they will carry for the rest of their lives. The elimination from 1982, was a really sad one. There was a boy who were the face of disappointment. The team had Zico, Sócrates, Falcão, Júnior and others that still today are really respected. Some of the best brazilian players ever. After this unbelievable Tuesday, he was interviewed and told some advices for the kids who passed through this.

Many journalists and supporters are saying this defeat was worse than 1950’s defeat for Uruguay in Maracanã.

How difficult was to wake up on this Wednesday. The atmosphere were the worst, almost no one on the the streets, a grey awful day. A lot of brazilians said that it looked like a sad Sunday, and Ash Wednesday or the dead’s day.

The brazilian newspapers’ covers showed words of protest and disappointment.

The supporters’ gesture after the seventh german goal defined well the feeling. The Brazilians applauded the Germans and helped saying “ Olé” while they passed the ball.

Brazilians are shamed. Angry and disappointed but there’s nothing to do with the german team, they did their job, it seemed like they were playing alone. The players showed respect and humility. They had an amazing and historic performance that night.

We should now put our pieces together. Netherlands has been really strong in this World Cup, and Brazil should’ve shown some lessons learnt today. It was a chance for these players to minimize things, because a lot of them are young and could be playing the next Copa América and World Cup.

We need to renovate all the brazilian football to get some progress. Look after the youngsters. We must restructure the Brazilian league and clubs. Also rethinking on the performance of our coaches.

After this World Cup, a new road begins and it will be a very important one if we are going to chase a bright future.


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