Photo copyright dpa / picture alliance

Photo copyright dpa / picture alliance

On divided World Cup loyalties

I imagine there are a lot of expats feeling like this right now.

“It is at times like these that I question my identity. Am I an American? Am I becoming German? Or am I something in between? And on Thursday night my identity will be split for one hour and thirty minutes as Germany and the US battle it out to move on to the Achtelfinale of the World Cup.”  Read the entire post at Lehrer Werkstatt.


Flying around in a hot air balloon looks awesome.  And results in some sweet photos.

“Lift off was quite subtle-  there’s no acceleration like an airplane.  One minute you’re on the ground, and the next you simply aren’t on the ground any more. Once we were aloft, the navigation was simply based on which way the wind was blowing.”  Read all about Doin’ Time on the Donau’s hot air balloon trip here.

Bunker tours

“It was the end of April when we went to Zossen and Wünsdorf the see some old bunkers there. I came across this bunkers while I read Berlin: The Downfall 1945 by Antony Beevor and decided it would be a good place to spend an afternoon. After some research, I realized that the place is now a museum and you can book bunker tours and this is what we ended up doing.”  You can go along with Fotostrasse as they explore ’em.

Kiel week and hot eats

We’ve been talking about the Kiel Week, a sailing event happening right this very second in northern Germany.  So it seemed timely to share Liv Hambrett’s post on the subject of all the lovely food that can be eaten during the festivities.  Yum yum.

Getting your creative networking on (in Berlin)

“Berlin is a hub for creative minds from all over the world and offers endless opportunities for designers, painters, actors, musicians, photographers and more. Are you a creative mind who has recently moved to Berlin and are looking for ways to connect with other artists and get involved? Figuring out how to get started can be a bit daunting.”

Read more on how to do creative networking in the German capital on iHeartBerlin.