Photo copyright dpa

Photo copyright dpa

Eating Germany

With Frau Dietz of Eating Wiesbaden.  What three German foods taste better than they look?  She’ll tell you.  She’ll also tell you about a couple that taste worse.  Right here.

Bikes bikes and more bikes

Last week I wrote an article about the many joys of traveling by bike in Germany.  So when I saw a post today on iHeartBerlin about the city’s best bike routes, I figured I might as well roll with the theme.  Find out what those routes are right here.

It has been really frickin hot in Germany

Ask Leather & Abel.

If you like flea markets…

Then you might like this guide to German flea markets, then you’ll probably enjoy this guide to German flea markets.

Germans love books

If you also love ’em, you’ll probably enjoy Australian blogger Liv Hambrett’s description of book culture in Germany.

Take a virtual trip to Aachen

With Steven Glassman of Doin’ Time on the Donau.  Right here.