Berlin's East Side Gallery.  Photo copyright dpa

Berlin’s East Side Gallery. Photo copyright dpa

In case you need some fodder for your street art festish.

Leather and Abel went on a Berlin graffiti tour and took pictures and will tell you all about it right here.

Or for your abandoned buildings fetish.

An abandoned bowling alley!?  How weird and creepy and cool.  Check out stories and photos here.

Germany loves dogs.

And so does Berlin.  But everything that Fotostrasse say about dogs in Berlin applies to most of the rest of the country as well.  (The generals, obviously, not the specifics.)

“From all the cities I have lived in, Berlin is the city with most dog runs and other dog friendly sites, like cafés and restaurants. Our last restaurant review, BBI, is a very good example of this. I’ve lost count of how many times I was there and I had to stop whatever I was doing to play with the cutest dog that was next to me. Without a doubt, the dogs in Berlin have more fun.”  Read the rest on Fotostrasse.

Some help for the noobs.

Thinking of moving to Germany (or just abroad in general)?  Trying to learn German?  Your welcome.

Are you an American who married a German?

Schnitzel Republic has some tips for you then, about becoming a permanent resident of Germany.

“Are you an American citizen married to — or about to marry — a German citizen? Do you wish to move to Germany and live there as a permanent resident? Then congratulations! You have no sense of fear whatsoever! Man, woman or transgender — you have great big balls. Seriously, like 25% of your body weight is pure testicle. (And for that, I salute you.)”  Read the entire post here.

Experience Berlin like a local.

Can’t move there yourself?  Sateless Suitcase has some tips for experiencing Berlin-ness like a local even when you have to stay in a hotel.

“I’ve been to Berlin three times, and my visits could not have been more different: My first trip there was with my parents when I was fifteen. We stayed in a gross basement apartment somewhere in the suburbs, and I barely saw Berlin, because I constantly had my nose in a book. And to be honest, at the age of fifteen you have different ideas of a vacation than visiting churches with you parents.”  Read the full post here.