The Week in Germany: Food, Comparisons, and a Historical Doll House

84 on the rhein

Finding food from back home: A vegetarian in Germany reports

I never noticed as I never liked them, but apparently Germany never had a big selection of energy bars.  Until now.  A vegetarian in Germany reports on where you can get them.

It is apparently impossible to talk about wurst without making bad puns.

“I admit, I was sceptical about the sauce. I’m not a huge curry and sausages fan, especially from what I could see, in a less-than-discreet drowning sauce. To the absolute horror of the waiter, I asked for the sauce on the side. Nonetheless, he oliged me, bringing over a small dish of sausages and potatoes, and a large jug of sauce. I poured a little in the corner. A slice of sausage. A dip in sauce….and then… TASTE EXPLOSION!”  Read the rest of the blog here.

The Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin has a doll house from the Third Reich, and it is fascinating to see how the politics of the time are written all over it.

Thanks very much to das Blog for sharing these photos.  Take a look.

Germany versus Australia

Liv Hambrett compares her home country Australia with her adopted country Germany.  Which does she like better?  Who has better buses?  Weather?  Education?  Read on to find out.

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