The Week in Germany: Christmas Markets, Pumpkin Pie, and Being Single in Berlin

84 on the rhein

The entire expat internet is blogging Christmas Market stuff

So if you like that sort of thing or want to find out more, you can read about it on Schnitzel Republic, Diaries of an Essex Girl, and An American Girl in Hamburg for starters.

YG Blogger Liv Hambrett has a book!  It’s awesome!

What I Know About Germans is a collection of 101 illustrated observations about the people in her adopted home.  You can find out more here.

Need advice on being single in Berlin?  Well here you go.

“Until now I would have told you that there is no way to flirt online with dignity. There is always the stinky slime of cheap superficiality all over it of choosing someone because his profile pic looks sexy, nice or interesting (whatever you are looking for). But two girls with entrepreneurial spirit finally did something I was thinking about in years without a concrete solution: Re-inventing online dating.

Im Gegenteil is a curated interview magazine featuring Berlin’s most interesting bachelors and bachelorettes.”  Read all about it here.

Wow! An advice post about living abroad that I have actually never seen covered before anywhere else.

“Here’s one other thing no one tells you about living abroad – your skin and your hair will NOT thank you for it! Your skin and hair are both used to the water you’ve been using, so when you move abroad many people experience problems in these areas.”  Read more of Sherbet and Sparkles thoughts on skin care abroad here.

And for the Americans and anyone who likes pumpkin pie…

No Apathy Allowed shares ideas for making this Thanksgiving favorite while living in Germany.

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