The Week in Germany: Goodbye Mr Haribo, Strange Contests, and Repatriation

84 on the rhein

When expats move “home”

“That’s right, after 7 glorious years in Germany it’s time to go. Unfortunately. But also fortunately. Sad, yet happy. Bad, but good. Are you confused yet? Well so am I! Here’s the deal: my employer has informed me I am moving, which naturally means that we are moving. I mean, I could say no and kiss my job and career good-bye, but that would just be stupid and I really enjoy eating. Moving, though, brings a mountain of mixed emotions. We are putting some distance between us and our German family, but luckily we will be near our American family. Do we want to leave Germany? No. Are we excited to live in America? Yes. Will I miss the German culture? Definitely. Will it be interesting for my wife to experience living in America as opposed to visiting? Of course. Will I miss hearing German everywhere? Check. Will it be comfortable to hear English everywhere? Check, check. Will we miss going to Fussball games? Hell yeah. Will we be disappointed to watch Ducks Football at a regular time. Hell no. (Ok, the last two were for laughs). the list goes on and on.” Read the full post of Germerican Denglish.

It’s getting cold, time to hibernate

“It’s darker in the mornings now, the wet roads reflecting headlights as cars whoosh through puddles, and evening makes her presence felt around half past four. Half past four. Not half past nine, as she does in Summer, and even then, reluctantly. But Summer is long gone, despite having only really ended (according to the calendar) two or so weeks ago. Summer has checked out.” Liv Hambrett writes about the arrival of cold weather in Germany in English and German.  Check it out, dread the coming winter, and improve your German and/or English skills!

Mr. Haribo dies at 90

Goodbye, maker of wonderful gummi bears.

“Hans Riegel, the man known as “Mr Haribo” has died at the age of 90. The German-born businessman will be remembered as the man who brought brightly-coloured gummy bears into households across the world.”  Read more on The Local here.

Lufthansa is having a very strange competition for Swedes

“”The goal is to find a person who loves Berlin so much that he or she is ready to sacrifice their real name to become Klaus-Heidi,” Magnus Engvall, senior marketing specialist at the airline, told The Local.”  Feel like becoming Klaus-Heidi?  Read on!

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