The Week in Germany: Borders, horses, and the Berlin Wall

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Opening the border

Non EU citizens with a vocational skill can now be fast-tracked in the German visa process.

“Until now, only workers with vocational skills from inside the EU had easy access to jobs in Germany, whereas non-EU citizens generally had a hard time getting visas and work permits.

‘The new regulation will throw 40 percent of the old clauses overboard and open the door wide for sought-after, trained employees, who can move the country forward,’ said the minister.”

Read the entire article here.

Photo (cc) flickr user Leo Reynolds

Photo (cc) flickr user Leo Reynolds

Cascade a copy?

Germany’s song for the 2013 Eurovision contest has, in what seems to be becoming fashionable these days, been accused of plagiarism.

“NDR said it had ‘commissioned a musical audit’ to examine claims that the song ‘Glorious’ by German band Cascada, chosen Thursday to represent Germany, was a rip-off of “Euphoria” by Swedish artist Loreen.”

Read the full article here.

In a particularly ironic move, GEMA has banned youtube viewers from watching the song’s video “because GEMA has not granted the respective music publishing rights.”  Is there anyone who likes GEMA?

Photo (cc) flickr user Kyota

Photo (cc) flickr user Kyota

The horse-meat scandal continues

The fact that horse meat made it into a number of hamburger products in Germany has the population in an uproar.  This expat blogger tries to look at the issue from a culturally neutral perspective.

“Of course nobody likes being tricked into eating animals they didn’t consent to consume.  (SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!)  When my friends, who spend every summer working in Switzerland (a country where it is totally normal to eat horse, fyi), brought a little package of sliced stallion back with them I felt mildly uncomfortable about trying it.  (But I did, just a tiny bite, and it tasted just fine.)  I have been through the conditioning, and I get the instinctive puky response that our minds force on our bodies when we realize we have broken a dietary taboo.  Yet, simultaneously, it all feels kind of silly. ”

Read the rest of the blog here.


Photo (cc) flickr user szczel

Photo (cc) flickr user szczel

The second fall of the Berlin Wall

“…a section of the last remaining part of the Berlin Wall – now an open-air gallery decorated with colourful murals – is under threat of demolition after a decision to build a new luxury apartment complex nearby.”

Protestors are trying to stop the last bit of wall’s demolition.  Read the full article here.

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