Bavaria’s finest Dutchmen against the Italian team without Italians

This Saturday, 22nd May, Bayern Munich will be playing in the Champions League final against Inter Milan. Yes, you read right: on a Saturday! It’s unusual, what with Wednesday tending to be the day for European football – but the marketing whizzes from UEFA will no doubt have noticed that Saturday is far better for [...]

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Bags Packed, Fingers Crossed: On the Way to the World Cup?

My bags were packed, boots polished, jerseys neatly folded. One by one the national team managers announced their squads for the World Cup last week. One by one they reeled off the names, the stars, the personalities; most of whom will be travelling to South Africa for the great party which kicks off in 22 [...]

Meet the Bloggers: Der Irische Berliner

With just 23 days left until the World Cup begins, we thought it was about time to fire up the Young Germany World Cup Blog.  We've got writers who will be reporting on World Cup happenings from Pakistan, Ghana, South Africa, Japan, and, of course, Germany. Our first World Cup blogger is an Irish fellow who fell for Berlin [...]

Ich bin ein Berliner

Berlin is a marvelous city. The metropolis offers an endless array of cultural events and is admired by many for its international diversity. Every year, Berlin welcomes a large number of tourists from all over the world. And sometimes, they fall head over heels for Berlin, decide to stay and call this their [...]

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Hamburg and the Franzbrötchen: Real Classy

One thing newcomers have got to learn about Germany is the importance of regional identities: That’s why I posted on state elections in Germany just last week. Especially for Brits, the sheer variation between different parts of this country is astonishing; Germany is far more American than British inasmuch as the capital city is not [...]

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A Tourist at Home: Wiesbaden, Germany

Once you've lived abroad for long enough, you stop noticing the little differences between your home and adopted cultures. Then one day an old friend arrives at the Frankfurt Airport, and you're back looking at your adopted home through a newcomer's eyes, through the eyes of the visitor who hasn't spent the last four years [...]