@ the Bar

The other day, a friend invited us to the bar Madame Claude in Kreuzberg to celebrate his birthday. Never having been to this bar, I was not too sure what to expect because it is named after France’s most famous prostitute of the 60ies. From outside, however, Madame Claude looks like a small and rather nondescript location. Unlike what I had in mind, there were no bright flashing lights on it, and as I entered I was relieved to find a rather normal bar, the name only a misleading gag.

Upon walking into the main room of the location, I heard someone in the back yell “Red Hot Chilli Peppers.“ People around him applauded, while some guests groaned at his speed. The DJ congratulated him; he had just earned a point at what I learned is Madame Claude weekly music quiz. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins a bottle of wine and everyone was trying to get that bottle. The bar was full, every seat taken. Then I noticed some free tables and chairs – on the ceiling. Suddenly, everything was upside down.


The Clock ticks backwards

Three young french men decided to finally fulfill their childhood dream, in which everything was upside down. At Madame Claude’s, you feel like you’re in a Disney film, like Alice in Wonderland.


Woah-Two faces in one

The ceiling looks like a living room, the wallpaper is plastered on the wrong way around, the clock ticks backwards. If you also want to defeat gravity, or win a bottle of wine, definitely come and check out the bar Madame Claude.

On Friday I spent the afternoon with my friend Linda from London who writes about life, love, and music in her blog “The Book of Linda.“ We met on Kastanienallee in Prenzlauer Berg, which is not just another street in Berlin. Often Kastanienallee is also referred to as the “Castingallee:“ the catwalk of Berlin’s hip and trendy.

Later, on my way to the Alexanderplatz in Berlin, something striking caught my attention.


The same picture-Only one face

The wall alongside where I was walking was moving. When I stopped it stopped, too. I turned to the wall to see what had brought me to an abrupt halt, and saw a painting of two faces intertwined into one. As I continued walking to the end of the wall, I could make out only one face. Never having seen anything like this before in real life, the optical illusion really impressed me. The adjacent wall had a similar 3D painting on it and as I looked around, I realized that the entire area had been beautified by the artist.