"White Trash Fast Food"

"White Trash Fast Food"

For some years now there has been an ongoing tug of war between two of Berlin’s hippest districts: Kreuzberg and Penzlauer Berg.

Which one deserves the title for the most popular district? As a happy Kreuzberger I have already made my choice, but I must admit that there are occasions when I get curious to see how green the grass is on the other side. So, last night I ate out at the infamous White Trash, a deluxe fast food venue in Prenzlauer Berg.

When I first heard the name I had to chuckle. Oh my, what was I to expect?! On my way there, I made the fatal mistake of asking people for directions to “White Trash.“ They all either gave me a funny look or mumbled something like “Is she serious?“

Finally, I found my way after all and when I arrived, I had to chuckle again: This place was awesome! Clueless as to what I was to expect, I was surprised to find out that the location was a former Irish pub. The vibrations of the pub last until today, ten years later.  I immediately felt cozy and familiar upon entering the spot. Inside the dimly lit venue, they played loud rock music across the four stories and although more than four hundred people could fit in here, the atmosphere was pleasantly welcoming.

The menu offered a wide selection of mouth-watering dishes, from big juicy burgers to gangster burritos, as they call them. You can even order a warm goat-cheese burger or a yummy cheese fondue. I stuck to the gangster barbecue chicken burrito dinner and got a large plate with the burrito and heavenly guacamole, amazing red beans, and fresh sour cream. My dinner was indeed very gangster and divine. On a scale of ten I would give it 9,5.


Delicious Burrito

After a delicious warm brownie with ice cream for desert, I walked down to the basement where I found the diamond-lounge cinema, an old movie theater that is free at all times. Here I caught a glimpse of a funny film while studying the black-and-white photographs of various movie scenes decorating the walls. Next door was a tattoo studio, called No Pain No Brain.


inside the WTFF

Here, you can get inked by some highly professional tattoo-artists. As if that wasn’t enough already, the White Trash is known to regularly invite various international rock artists to perform on their stage.

The location was impressive with a unique and rare feel. This restaurant slash cinema slash tattoo studio slash rock venue completely blew me off my feet and I am sure that anyone coming to Berlin would have a great time here. Thumbs up for Prenzlauer Berg.